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The cosmos holds both magic and mystery deep inside its hypnotizing and expansive plane. The stars, planets, and meteors of outer space are not only perfect for anyone who loves to dream or has an active imagination, but they’re also quite beautiful to look at. That’s one of the many reasons a space themed party is one of the best themes you can choose. Whether you or someone you love adores the cosmos or you have a future little astronaut at home that is ready to blast off to an incredible birthday, we’re here to help you plan the ultimate space themed party!


How to Plan a Cosmic Themed Party


The perfect space themed party is all about finding the right supplies, tableware, and treats to decorate. Ideally, they should all match in some way, keeping a cosmic theme in mind. For the colors, think about when you look at images of space and galaxies. You’ll want hints of purple, blue, silver, black, and maybe even a bit of teal and pink. That’s one of our favorite things about a space themed party, they’re definitely eye-catching and colorful!

We’ll start with the big items first and then work our way down. Though every little detail can be important when planning for and decorating a party, we generally find the decorations, tableware, and party favors and extras to be the most pertinent.




The first place to start with decorations is gathering balloons and banners. Look for moon and star banners and balloons that are colorful and varying in sizes. Different size balloons really add a nice look and allows you to make stunning displays out of them. You can build up a beautiful galaxy of balloons on the wall or even make a wreath of them to hang!

When looking for the right balloons and banners, keep the space theme in mind. Look for banners that are holographic. Also, try to find a mix of balloons that are glittery, shades of deep blues and purples, holographic, and clear ones filled with matching colored confetti.




Tableware is almost just as important as decorations. While decorations will be the first thing your guests see, the tableware is what they’ll likely look at the most. Getting the right tableware for a party can really bring the entire theme together. For a space themed party, we recommend getting plates, cups, and napkins with galaxy and space themed prints on them. It’s always nice to get two different types of napkins to offer contrasting prints/colors.

As for the utensils, we suggest getting compostable wooden utensils. This type of cutlery is not only better for the environment, but the wood grain has a neutral look and looks cute against any tableware. While keeping eco-friendliness in mind, you can also get silver foil paper straws. This color will go great with the cosmic cups.


Party Favors and Extras


No party is complete without the final little details. This includes things like party favors, treat bags, cake toppers, and more. For the party favors, stick with the cosmic theme by getting cosmic temporary tattoos that go inside of a holographic treat bag. We also suggest getting smaller items like holographic cupcake toppers, treat cups, and some matching colored confetti.

Little details like this are what really make a party stand out and be memorable.


Throw a Space Themed Party Like an Expert with the Cosmic Party Kit


Does all of the above sound incredible? Thankfully, not only is it amazing, but it can also be yours without you ever having scour the internet or countless stores for everything! No more spending hours finding all of the perfect pieces for your space themed party or tons of money on shipping. All you need to throw a space themed party like an expert, without all of the stress and hassle, is order the Cosmic Party Kit from My Party Hero. This kit is simply out of this world and is sure to take your party to infinity and beyond!


What’s included?


Everything we talked about above and more! Take a look at just some of the items you’ll have to create a complete party straight out of the box.


  • Tableware: Large Galactic Plates, Small Cosmic Plates, Large Galactic Napkins, Large Cosmic Napkins, Moon Shaped Plates, Cups, Paper Straws, Utensils, and Place Cards.
  • Decor: Holographic Moon & Star Banner, Balloon Mix with 11", 5", & Holographic Star Balloons, and Confetti.
  • Treat/Favor Supplies: Holographic Cake Toppers, Treat Cups, Cupcake Toppers, and Treat/Favor Bags.
  • Plus, all you need to set up and hang the decorations!
  • Optional Extra: Birthday Party Supplies, which include a Holographic "Happy Birthday" Banner and 24 Silver Glitter Candles.
  • Optional Extra: Holographic Cosmic Tattoos (Set of 8, 16, or 24).


Everything you need to throw the best cosmic party ever is included. You can even select your party size! We offer kits for 8 guests, 16 guests, and 24 guests. In a hurry? No problem! Most of our boxes ship out the same day or within 1-3 business days at the latest. You can skip the lines at the store, waste less time from shopping hours online, and save tons of money in the process, all by ordering your own space themed party in a box – the Cosmic Party Kit from My Party Hero!

My Party Hero ships to all states within the continental United States. We are also here for you at any time! We offer suggested layouts on the Cosmic Party Kit page, but you’re always free to reach out to us for additional support. Contact us for help and suggestions for setting up your space themed party perfectly! You’re sure to have everyone asking what your secret is. You can tell them you’re a secret master party planner, we won’t mind!

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