DIY Photo Booth Rental

We are sold out from May 20th-June 3rd. If your event occurs during this time please do not book as we will need to cancel your order. 

If your event occurs within the next 10 days, please call before booking to verify shipping timeframe. 

  • Please select your options below.

  • Each rental comes with your choice of one of our 20+ backdrops.

  • A free basic graphic with wording of your choice is included. We coordinate the look of the graphic with your backdrop selection. If you don’t want a backdrop, note your coordinating colors in the “Notes for Us” section. For a customized graphic, we offer a custom graphic design option.

  • Our basic rental includes an online gallery of all the photos that will be sent via email after the return of the photo booth.

  • PLEASE NOTE THAT GUEST NETWORKS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE PRINTER. 95% of all hotels, venues, restaurants, halls, churches, and offices use guest networks, and as a result are not compatible with our printer. If your event takes place in a venue other than your home, you will likely need a hotspot to enable printing, as most locations use guest networks. Even if the wifi requires a password to connect, it is still likely a guest type network. Please call us if you are unsure @ 1-844-407-2789. *If you don't plan on getting a print package, any wifi with an internet connection will be sufficient. The photo booth itself is fully compatible with guest networks. Only the printer is incompatible with guest networks.

  • For Our Corporate Data and Branding Option, visit the Corporate Photo Booth Package Listing.

  • Get ready to have some photo booth fun!!