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pink and white mylar heart balloons on a pink backdrop with red, white, and pink heart confetti

Here we are, almost a full year into a pandemic, and Galentine's traditions are bound to be broken. Sure, I'm gonna miss eating smoked salmon and perfectly poached eggs in a super Instagramable boutique restaurant. But who says we can't bring the joy (and cuteness) of bestie brunch home? If like me you're lucky enough to have your fav gals be apart of your safe social bubble, then have I got a cozy, relaxing, Galentine's Day plan for you. Read on to find out how you can DIY the heck out of what just may become your new "Ovaries before bro-varies" party tradition. 

a small pink note perched on two coupe glasses of rose, seen from above. The note reads "Ovaries before brovaries... Uteruses before duderuses"

Let's start with the part where it's fun and relaxing. I'm thinking a throwback to when things were simple, and super rad. Make it a pajama party (like I loved in the 90s) and keep the vibe cozy.

This P.J. idea is inspired by the snow day we had in Waxahachie, Tx a few weeks back. We moved around the corner from one of our pod people, my bfffffe, Denise, at the beginning of December, and let me tell you- the ensuing shenanigans have been non-stop. But on snow day, it was even better. We bundled up, and walked to her house where we played in the snow a bit, and then cuddled on the couch in blanket piles watching "King of Staten Island" (Pete Davidson is my future ex-husband) and eating the last of her b-day cupcakes from Bitterwseet and drinking rose'. It was perfect, and such a long needed break. We were in our under layers (read leggings and long johns) and our hair was a mess, but it was great. So even if you don't have cute, matchy jammies, just wear your fav over sized sweatshirt and fuzzy socks, or that tie dye sweat set you DIY'd during lockdown. (Bonus! Galentine's is on a Saturday this year, so if it turns into a sleepover you can continue the bestie festivities into Sunday!)

Usually Gal's brunch is a time I put a significant amount of effort into my appearance- hair products are used, a crop top gets into the mix. And hey, if y'all still really wanna get glam cuz it's a great excuse to dress up, then do that. Wear a dang ballgown, because honestly, when will you have a chance again any time soon? 😂 This day is about celebrating each other, which means you make the rules for yourselves. 💖💖💖

Four women in matching pink robes sit on the edge of a bed holding glasses of champagne


Now it wouldn't be Galentine's Day without stuffing your face with delicious food (ideally brunch). So let's sort out the buffet situation. To keep the day low stress (i.e. low amounts of equally distributed emotional labor, planning, and execution) make it a potluck soiree. My girls and I are all pretty extra when it comes to party food, and seeing what each of them come up with is one of my favorite parts of holidays together. This shot is from a baby shower we did together a few years ago and even though the buffet was supposed to be super small and simple, we still somehow ended up with enough mini bundt cakes for an army.

a glass dining room table set up buffet style with crudite, cupcakes, and other party snacks with a looming bouquet of pink gladiolas in the center

**This pic also contains one of my most genius tips. I am always in charge of charcuterie in our friend group, and one of the best things I ever did was invest in a nice, sturdy half sheet baking pan, and some high wall serving trays (the red crawfish type tray the veggie platter is on here) that make transporting grazing boards soooo simple. They may not look as froofy as an artsy plank of wood, but they ride well on the highway, okaaaayyy? 😂


an elaborate charcuterie board made on a half sheet baking pan

Send a quick group text, and let everyone make/bring their favorite thing. It doesn't need to be super fancy, or expensive. My little sister makes these tiny brunch sandwiches that are a show stopper, but are super easy because it's just mini Eggo waffles and frozen chicken bites, topped with honey butter. (Here's a pic from Delish of the finished product. If you really wanna get fancy, top with a berry, or seasonal toothpick)

 8 brunch sliders on a white plate made from mini Eggo waffles with chicken bites and honey butter

For a precious seasonal twist, use Ikea frozen waffles. These heart shaped cuties are one of my fav Valentine hacks. (And if you need more crazy easy make-ahead brunch pot luck recipes, check out our Mother's Day Brunch Pinterest board)

six heart shaped waffles on a white plate, half with powdered sugar, half with Lingonberries

It wouldn't be brunch without bottomless mimosas, and what good are mimosas if they're not being used for a Boomerang *clink* shot?

Mimosa bars are one of these things that make any occasion feel more like a big deal, and they're honestly so easy to pull together. You can have each gal bring a bottle of their fav bubbles to share to split the cost. Or you can do what I do, get it all at Aldi for basically nothing! I've been using their Burlwood Brut in my mimosas for years, but they just launched a sparkling Rose' that is the best $4.99 you'll ever spend! Decant a few flavors of juice, and add cut fruit (whatever looks good and is in season, or grab frozen berries, peaches, etc.) and bam. Mimosa bar! I like to put all the bottles in a large bowl with ice, (and add a few bottles of Italian soda and sparkling cider for a non-alcoholic option) but if you want to do just one signature flavor feel free to mix it in a drink dispenser or pretty pitcher instead.

a diy mimosa bar with three carafes of different colored juice and cups of sliced fruit on the left and a large bowl full of ice and wine bottles on the right

If you're really gonna miss the photo ops of a regular G-day, but don't have time to shop around for an elaborate decor set-up (or ahem, your Target dollar spot sold out of heart themed stuff in one afternoon, like mine 😭) then let us handle all the shopping, planning, curating, and shipping for you! We have so many killer sets that just scream "Girl Date" with my personal fav being our Amethyst & Rose Gold Party (because just look how it glams up a bar cart!!😍 take that mimosa bar up a notch... just sayin' )

a metal bar cart styled with copper cups, Eucalyptus, and gem stones- with rose' bottles and a letter board that reads " stop and smell the rose' "

And it comes with literally everything for an over-the-top but still intimate and safe gathering (kits sized perfectly for pandemic parties in increments of 8, 16, or 24). Today should be all about easy and nothing's easier than unboxing a perfectly planned party that includes luxury paper goods from Harlow & Grey and artisanal confetti from Studio Pep - all for the amount you'd spend driving to a few different stores piecing it together yourself.

Probably my most ogled, best loved part of this kit is the super fem balloon garland, which makes just the most amazing backdrop for all those party snaps and IG brunch pics *hint*. 

Okay, we've got a game plan, brunch, gorgeous sips, and show stopping decor.  Now all that's missing is your best gals getting cozy in a blanket fort and arguing over what 90s rom-com to watch first 🤣 My vote is "10 Things I Hate About You" but we can hash it out over mimosas 💖🥂  

In case you missed it, we have a board for basically everything, so follow us on Pinterest for all the best celebration ideas! AND we'll be doing a gift-away of an amazing Valentine/or Galentine package soon, so connect with us on Instagram to be sure you don't miss out. Keep partying safely, babes! -L.B.

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