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Get These Adorable (and Free!) Easter Egg Printables for Your Easter at Home

I don't know about your kids, but every year on Easter, our daughter insists on having about 174,678,536 Easter egg hunts. Any other year, it's not a problem. We head over to Grandma's house, and she hunts all afternoon with her cousins, who do all the hiding for us! It's a pretty sweet deal. This year however, like everyone else, we are foregoing our usual Easter traditions and staying home to stay safe. So I decided to step it up and create some egg-specially cute printables (see what I did there 🤪) that can be cut out and placed in Easter eggs for a little variety!

Easter Egg Filler Printables with Scavenger Hunt Clues, Bunny Money Coupons, and Activity Cards

Get All of Your Easter Egg Hunt Printables Here!

A Fun Spin on the Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Hey, I like hiding eggs with candy and change in them as much as the next guy! (I'm no monster, after all! 😂) But that can get old after the 12th round or so. And if you are wanting to decrease the sugar intake this year, or you have kiddos with food allergies, there is another way!

We're mixing things up this year with a scavenger hunt that has clues tucked away in the eggs for where to find more. There are so many possibilities with this one! You can put the clues in each egg with a surprise in the final one, like cash or some Bunny Money that they can redeem for fun prizes (also free to print here)! You can leave the first clue in their Easter basket and let the hunt begin from there! The clues consist of places around the home, like where your kids read, make art, and go to for snacks, as well as some blank ones you can fill in yourself. 

If your kids force you to do multiples hunts too, you can switch up the order of the clues on the other rounds. And I love how simple or complicated you can make the hunt, based on the age group of your kids, or just based on how much you like to see them struggle. (Just kidding! Or am I? 😏) 

Along with the clues, you can also put small toys or treats in each egg. I'm thinking temporary tattoos, squishy toys, slime, jewelry, or any of that junk you get from those party favor variety packs 😅.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues for Eggs - Free Printables for Download

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

Get Your Bunny's Worth with Free Bunny Money for More Fun! (Say that 5 Times Fast)

If you're going for Parent-of-the-Year, there is enough Bunny Money here to put in a dozen eggs and really spoil your kids 😂! These coupons can be redeemed for things like dessert of their choice, staying up past bedtime, and extra screen time. There are even fill-in-the-blank coupons for you to customize.

Easter Hunt Bunny Money Coupons for Eggs - Free Printables for Download

Bunny Money Coupons

But Wait, There's More!

We have one more free Easter egg printable for you! If you really want to be entertained, have your kids act out some really embarrassing stuff with each egg they find 🤣! These activity cards will have your kids clucking like a chicken, hopping around like a bunny, and wobbling around like an egg: SUPER ADORABLE to watch the younger kids do; SUPER HILARIOUS to secretly video the teens doing and then posting it on their social media accounts 😲. And I'm not gonna lie; you can bet I'll be getting in on the fun and doing the chicken dance myself. It is my best move, after all. 

 Easter Hunt Activity Cards for Eggs - Free Printables for Download

Easter Egg Activity Cards





Comment below and tell me what your plans are for your Easter Hunt(s) this year and how you plan on using these printables! Love hearing about all of your creative ideas!


Hugs (Virtual Only) & Bunnies, 
Cari & My Party Hero


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